Sleeping Pad Wrap

The first thing I had planned for when I arrived in Seattle was to ride my bike out to a wedding on Oracs Island, one of the San Juan Islands, not far from Victoria BC in the Salish Sea. Because I would be camping during the bike ride out and for a few days after the wedding I would need to carry my tent and sleeping gear. Before I packed up my sewing machine I took a few hours to make this nylon cordura wrap for my Thermarest Z-Lite sleeping pad. 

The wrap helps to compress the pad which makes it much more rigid and stable when it's attached to the bike. It also protects it from scraps and damage. There are several lashing points which allows it to be attached to the back of the saddle, out of the way. It also works as a air-drying rack for clothing by simply lashing it on while riding. I added a small slip pocket to the inside that can hold the tent pole for my Tarptent Contrail tent

Westward Relocation!


Just a quick update for anyone checking in, I've relocated to Seattle, Washington just recently. I'll be out here working on projects, riding my bike and meeting up with old friends. If you're in the area please drop me a line!


New Pottery in Progress

Another studio session has started at The Clay Studio and I'm taking another wheel throwing class. This quarter I'm off and running with some mugs of varying shapes with a few different takes on flat-formed handles. I'm hoping to further hone in my skill in throwing specific shapes like mugs and bowls while also further developing a cohesive form language for handles and overall glaze effect. 

Kites and Indigo Dye!

The indigo dye becomes more blue as it oxidizes.

The indigo dye becomes more blue as it oxidizes.

Over the holiday weekend I was visiting my family. While together we flew some kites and played around with some indigo tie-dying. Not pictured was the home-made ice cream that we made using rock-salt and a manual crank-style machine. We used a recipe for vanilla ice cream from The New York Times.

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July too! 

My mother dipping into the indigo vat.

My mother dipping into the indigo vat.